Invocations for if you are stricken by in your faith

( He should seek refuge in Allah),(He should renounce that which is causing such doubt.)

(He should say: ( Amantu billahi warusulih.))

(He should say: (I have believed in Allah and His Messenger.))

(He should also recite the following verse: ( Huwa al-awwalu, waal-akhiru, waalththahiru waalbatinu wahuwa bikulli shayin AAaleem))

(He should also recite the following verse: (He is The First and The Last, Aththahir and Al-Batin and He knows well all things.)(ththahir: Indicates the greatness of His attributes and the insignificance of every single creation in respect to His greatness and Highness, for He is above all of His creation as regards His essence and attributes.)(Al-Batin: Indicates His awareness and knowledge of all secrets, of that which is in the hearts and the most intimate of things just as it indicates His closeness and nearness to all in a manner which befits His majesty.))